Adidas 20/50 Featuring Tyshawn & Mark

Tyshawn Jones and Mark Gonzales get together in NYC for a one of a kind skateboarding video called 20/50, it features the streets being ridden and any spots you find along the way, Gonz gets really active and pumps Tyshawn up. Creatively there is no better duo, it features appearance from Paul Shier, Nestor Judkins as well as some other classics. What I really like about it is the flow, it never feels they are at one spot or location too long and you can really feel the edge of the video, Gonz does some hilarious stuff I obviously don’t want to spoil and Tyshawn totally goes off on his board – easily 10/10

And Gonz is 50 XD

Skate Hoarders: Josh Kalis | TransWorld SKATEboarding

Josh Kalis getting those respect accolades. The guy always has something to say, dudes good. Reminds me of many a mish down South and elsewhere with the homies/crew. It’s true when you love what you do you’ll never “work” a day in your life. Working only to survive that is

Really cool to see he’s continued to hold it down with DGK one of the truest illest skate brands ever to be made, after splitting from Alien Workshop back around 2009.


The Nicest Life – Skate and Explore Aracaju with Sergio Santoro – Episode 4

Sergio Santoro and some Brazil locals skate and explore Aracaju. I love the spot selection they go to and just skating with friends. Personally I’m hoping to get a session there soon in the near future and experience some of “The Nicest Life” those days when you don’t want to stop skating are the absolute best. Shout out to Ride Channel for hosting this video series, and all the guys featured for being topnotch and all around very cool~