Skating: What you didn’t know about it 

Skateboarding is an activity, it can be casual, lively, or intense. What you probably didn’t know about it is travel doesn’t pose much of a question.

See when you skate you mainly bring things toward you, although you could be cruising or utilizing space – it’s the simplest version of itself. Which is why you can skate a lot or a long time and not transfer those things into greater creations of themselves. 

You’ve essentially been staying still, although the experience was real. Coming from someone who’s done it for 13 years, I can say it reflects your personality & what you think about yourself, how you see things. However, no travel required- or guaranteed 😋

And now you know, which is why if you really need to solve something, it takes you to solve it.. It’s good to exercise, be active, blow off steam and release stress, but it won’t particularly do the problems for you out the gate