The Route One Interviews: Catching up with Mark Suciu Pt.1

Suciu is a true skater, contests are boring but pushing beyond limits is what skateboarding is all about.

It’s really fun to go out in the streets and have a day or go to a park and see everyone learning the next one and next one. Which kind of leads to the next logical observation of putting some contestual verticalitĂ© on it.

Good interview nonetheless, I’m glad he’s back healthy and trying things

With me having the sponsor I wanted with the kit I wanted and letting the scene be great really satisfied me, some people just enjoy being in skating and that’s ok – but you wonder what you can do and what can be achieved. It’s not all shoes, equipment and locations

Felipe Gustavo: The Route One Interview

Felipe is a guy I can say really honestly deserves it, but aside from that he had to step his game up. It’s inspiring to hear him reshape his story and clarify some things that have came up over the years. I always thought he was a great fit for DC shoes and they presented him with an awesome opportunity, however he ended up getting cut he stacked some rad footage for them and went on trips. The Adidas thing materializing was a real bit of icing on the cake, many of us can relate with humble pasts. .being grateful and working hard – actually putting in that work goes well together.

It’s cool he recently got on Adidas, and actually got 2nd place at Tampa Pro this yearđź‘Ť