Corporate parts of skateboarding

Some interest in skateboarding has been taken from all parts of business. The most prominent these days has been the corporate shoe sponsorship or endorsement from a sports brand to have riders wear and test product, bringing their brand out with them on the streets and into contests.

One of the first to critical acclaim; Nike with their then sponsorship of Paul Rodriguez. He debuted some fresh dunks to coincide with his outfit and propelled himself off gaps, onto ledges and down stairs.

These sponsorships have now transcended to include several others; New Balance, Vans, DC, Adidas. Each of these type of sponsorships come with a ‘rider package’ an agreement to show a certain amount of logo and participate in company policy/trainings. 

Examples such as Adidas, Training – Vans, Showing what shoes are, – Nike, Athleticism – New Balance, Quiet. Its up to individual riders if it coincides with whats their style or they have the fortitude to build a company and develop a work in progress. 

Nyjah Houston in 2016 joins Nike Sb with already a decade of dominance in skateboarding at 21 years old, maintains his prominence, name & negociation rights.. Fully benefiting from the capabilities, branding, technology and training of Nike.

Skateboarding seems to have transcended into the masses but also shifts from geniuses to athletes. To skateboard is an art form and a free expression of what you choose.

Ride what feels good for you