Guy Mariano speaks

​Guy Mariano recently spoke about numbers brand skateboards and in particular to a French audience bestowed the basis of the launch:💭 We always thought we would skate for Girl skateboards forever but sometimes life has different plans. This brand is something we wanted to build on our own terms. Eric and I have been blessed to ride for different teams that helped mold us in many ways and we wanted to create a platform to give our team the same opportunities and experiences.

Edition represents different collaborations we will do with artists, video, photography, and retailers. When it came to picking our roster we chose skaters that have unique style and all bring something different to the table. People that stand out for one reason or another.
Our first graphics we wanted to focus on our signature logos and we chose a gradient color effect to represent change. We all had not been riding for a board co for a year or so, so this launch marked a significant change for us all.

As a board brand, I feel like the little work Numbers has put out so far is bringing some different perspective than what’s out there right now. We’re proud of it and think it’s important to the overall industry. #guymariano