Why sharing is critical

Something we all see and hear in our regular routine of life is “Thank You” simple and to the point, its meaning is derived from the act of thanking ones self, which broken down literally means thinking about yourself. Thinking about yourself, your mental health, your focus, your interpretation of things, all relate back to your charitable nature. Relate it to – If all you thought about was yourself, you could be 300 pounds, unknowledgeable of current events, and haphazardly dressed. You might ask yourself now how is this possible, well you would be only thinking of yourself considering what you wanted not even needed and multiplying those efforts.

That as a practice isn’t divisible by itself, its an odd number. It’s as precocious as only waiting for help to bring you forward. 

What you get from that time of thanking you is meant to be shared, it is it’s only purpose. How you learn to share it and take care of it is up to you literally