Keith Jenkins mix

With this mix Im intending to purpose 2800 ‘stunnaman’ or Keith Jenkins. .all 3 of these tracks are my favorite and at first it’s just a pound..but authenticity through product, longevity and dedication, hard creativity being true to it ..brang the tracks right back out. Keith Jenkins also known as ‘Stunnaman from the pack’ made his debut with the group and their bay area styles.. Wearing FTC(for the city) and vans(with the hit single vans) to being all over MTV with the other smash’s (In my car and Wolfpack party) the group had teens and young adults the world over in love with the fashion, their styles spiritedness and attitude. Recently his music was featured in Active Ride Shop’s Riley hawk day in the life. He’s since taken somewhat of a harder route but never abandoned what made him talented and unique with roots in street fashion,skateboarding,trees and lingo. Quite imitated i’d have to echo one of my past mentee’s Key with that one, something of these stylings definitely won’t be duplicated.
1.Made myself a boss
2.Cell Phone booming
3.Top Chef