Dustin Dollin Raw Slams

When Dustin Dollin came by my business some years ago I was hyped beyond belief. He’s one of the truest down to earth I’ve ever met (he helped out the store without me even really noticing) and it’s an added plus were both really into skateboarding.

I like his style and even his incompleteness. These are fun

Dustin Dollin’s Propeller RAW FILES

These raw files are exceptionally great when they feature Dustin dollin. When he got on baker in 2000(I believe) his raw abilities were evident, its a true nature of skateboarding to see him land a trick. Backed by Vans, baker and Volcom its always good to see Dustin dollin skating. When I got the dollin mids by Vans that was probably one of my favourite shoes ever. These raw files from the Propeller video is more gnarly skateboarding from talented Dustin Dollin. Doing skateboarding proud