Dgk ‘Zeitgeist’ Skatevideo Review

Dgk the skateboarding brand has released a full length video in 2022 entitled ‘Zeitgeist’ it has a special type of flare to it with proper filming – the video tops out right at about a half hour and for this video I felt it was not too long or too short

The team features some classic riders such as Marquise Henry, Dwayne F, Boo Johnson, Josh Kalis, Dane Vaughn & Stevie Williams and the added new guys like Will Mazarri, Chaz Ortiz, John Shanahan, Nick Diaz

Great sound selection I didn’t notice too much over playing of the sound compared to the skating at the same time its comfortable to get into and allows you to pay attention to the elements involving the process. There aren’t cutscenes in this one similar to some of the older videos with skits or made up visuals; The guys being featured really went for it in terms of creativity, hunger/technique. .nothing sloppy

For the urban scene this is a W because Dgk is unafraid to show the community these guys are embracing from their background and not just ‘the skateboard lifestyle’ anyone could be seen stepping it up to creating footage on their boards. Stevie Williams does a phenomenal kickflip noseslide nollie bigspin in downtown Atlanta in the middle of his video footage.

Skaters like Boo Johnson were able to surf it out while Chaz Ortiz got solid technical blending an array of firsts

As a video literally 10/10 gave skateboarding All-Day the true Dgk way

Give it a watch you won’t be bored and quite-possibly inspired to do something that much greater with your life🌟👏

Skate Hoarders: Josh Kalis | TransWorld SKATEboarding

Josh Kalis getting those respect accolades. The guy always has something to say, dudes good. Reminds me of many a mish down South and elsewhere with the homies/crew. It’s true when you love what you do you’ll never “work” a day in your life. Working only to survive that is

Really cool to see he’s continued to hold it down with DGK one of the truest illest skate brands ever to be made, after splitting from Alien Workshop back around 2009.