Felipe Gustavo: The Route One Interview

Felipe is a guy I can say really honestly deserves it, but aside from that he had to step his game up. It’s inspiring to hear him reshape his story and clarify some things that have came up over the years. I always thought he was a great fit for DC shoes and they presented him with an awesome opportunity, however he ended up getting cut he stacked some rad footage for them and went on trips. The Adidas thing materializing was a real bit of icing on the cake, many of us can relate with humble pasts. .being grateful and working hard – actually putting in that work goes well together.

It’s cool he recently got on Adidas, and actually got 2nd place at Tampa Pro this year👍

The DC Promo Video

Dc shoes releases a heavy video to spark the year up right. Featuring heavy hitters such as Wes Kremer, Tiago Lemos, Cyril Jackson, Evan Smith, Tristan Funkhouser, Chase Webb, Colin Mckay, Danny Way, Matt Miller & more

DC is looking bright since reshaping their team earlier in the year. Removing many riders added during the previous reimaging of the company. The most current full length video released by the brand was in 2004