Franky Villani “Never”

Just for you Franky Villani’s part from “Never”

Never is a Primitive skateboarding video featuring their full line up and group of guys from Brian Peacock, Trent McClung, Diego Najera, Paul Rodriguez, Bastien Salabanzi, Wade Des Armo, Devine Calloway & more 😘

Primitive skate x Dragonball Z

Primitive skateboards brings you another high-level collaboration, this time with the Anime 🐉 “Dragonball Z” Dragonball Z chronicles Goku and his friends as they travel through other dimensons battle villians, experience family, humor, steadfast commitments along with a deep plot.

The series features a character for each team member resembling some personality, as well as a team deck, cruiser, with some apparel to follow

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Bastien Salabanzi – Manolo Mixtapes Part

My favorite skater growing up, not just because he looked like me or because skateboarding showed me him, because the first complete video I had ever viewed was a foreign video by the name of Flip skateboards Sorry and it showed international spots & appeal. I could relate to his attitude on a board and the truth he had to himself, Bastien Salabanzi was one of a kind at a time things were largely separate(in the states for that matter) shredders on one side, rollers on the other. With him & his team they all did a bit of it all and it was great, in his part you can see him get his roll on as well as shred a gnarly spot up in a multitude of ways. The footage has been seen & repeated over 10 years later up to where we are in 2017. The classics never get boring