Daan Van Der Linden – “You’re My Anti Hero”

Really sweet edit! Daan Van Der Linden has quickly come up as one of my favorites with his naturality. I like someone who just goes for it. .and I think we all do but just might not be sure what “it” is, and Daan has worked it out.

Have a look at some inspired board graphic imagery I also drew with inspiration of Daan’s skateboarding

Woodrow Bonfire session

Sessioning at a impromptu semi-new ‘Atl bonfire’ spot. The location features a ramp riding skatepark course complete with a mini ramp, tons of space for whatever you would like to do with your libations along the dancefloor, couches, stage/band and vivid lighting backdrop. The outer segment loaded with food and a big bonfire. I had fun finding some lines in this place and catching a session with a regular

The Conversation / Frank Gerwer & Andrew Allen

I have an AntiHero© skateboard and it’s a good solid board doesn’t chip fast or lose strength/pop, not just that; the approach of the team riding their boards to the upmost last minute is really inspiring. It’s not about having mega stars and guys being out above the team but sessions and drive that brings everyone to a next level, very cool to see. Of course I stacked some independent trucks and bushings on my board