Happy birthday Athena

Happy birthday to one of our favorite influencers Athena Alex!




New Year, good reflections! 

As we get a New-Year we all feel nostalgic and reminiscent of all things. I’ve seen quite a bit of chatter about “How big that was” if your unable to access something or if something is no longer available to you, change it! You don’t need a New-Year to do that. . And to those of you already in a beautiful place, keep being beautiful!

Life is good. Raise your standards for more success 

Kwanzaa day 2: Kujichagulia(self determination)

To be responsible for ourselves. To create our own destiny, not to be named by outside sources and things – reframed, or falsely made by any persons, civilization or thing. To name ourselves, create for ourselves, and be spoken by ourselves

Being self determined means literally having a determined purpose of your self, the determined purpose of your true self in the place of the community like your congregation, immediate family, and loved ones. Self determination is not an excuse to be stubborn, bull headed or over the top. It is simply your place being realized

If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you. Be self-determined!

Kwanzaa day 1: Umoja

Kwanzaa Day One: Umoja(Unity) shared effort, reflective congregation, communal support and family ties. Unity is what our community can give to one another at dire times or any point of confusion. Unity is standing together for issues or problems we face to challenge the status quo and create a better future

Umoja- I AM because WE ARE. Unity gets attention. Unity creates togetherness. Unity produces strength🕯

How will you use Umoja today