Why sharing is critical

Something we all see and hear in our regular routine of life is “Thank You” simple and to the point, its meaning is derived from the act of thanking ones self, which broken down literally means thinking about yourself. Thinking about yourself, your mental health, your focus, your interpretation of things, all relate back to your charitable nature. Relate it to – If all you thought about was yourself, you could be 300 pounds, unknowledgeable of current events, and haphazardly dressed. You might ask yourself now how is this possible, well you would be only thinking of yourself considering what you wanted not even needed and multiplying those efforts.

That as a practice isn’t divisible by itself, its an odd number. It’s as precocious as only waiting for help to bring you forward. 

What you get from that time of thanking you is meant to be shared, it is it’s only purpose. How you learn to share it and take care of it is up to you literally

Colin Kaepernick: MY STORY

Right now I would like to say this could just be a news story so read or take it in if it actually suits you.

Colin Kaepernick a American football player in the Nfl has headlined numerous times and not at a career space. For his political stance and personal freedom of speech about human rights and discrimination, is he a hero? Lets start at the beginning

From the time I saw Colin Kaepernick I knew there was something about him, being of mixed race myself I immediately wondered what his sense of identity was and whether he spoke out about what HE thought was fair.. this was in 2012, never heard anything and from that point on knew I would. There comes a time in every man or womans life and especially depending on carrer path where they stand up and speak out about what they feel is right; it’s not right, its not wrong, IT JUST IS. We all know about what could be better in life but only a smaller percentage of us have the heart, stamina and dedication to do so. If your busting your butt doing anything, believing what you think is true is second nature. 

Do I think it’s disrespectful for athletes to take a knee? Something we’ll have to accept is life is polarizing – everything were doing today is not the best and going forward is not the worst we’ve ever been, people have varying opions and beliefs and the more we can connect to the innate sense of it the better we will be. No society is perfect, with different backgrounds we should be able to express and build from where we came from if we want to.

In short I don’t think he did anything wrong, if a politician hides from the press its business, but for him he’s got to respect anyones wishes because of a system to buy and sell talent. Its good to hear from people, and better than if you don’t. It doesn’t make sense to tell people to “Come and have fun” then say what they’re doing can’t suit you if its not hurting you. You live life and things come with it. If anything opening minds about the precidents that come with “Living life” such as taking a knee, is probably the most patriotic thing of all.

Sports bring us together and other various activities, and they can be / should be used for a springboard for social change and awareness. Look at all the help going out for Breast Cancer, I’m sure that was a blessing. It bringing different walks of life and mentalities is a science, a universal science, and the energy within gets used for the right reason, it should keep going to what’s right. For any other athletes it is their decision. I’m as largely patriotic as ANYONE and think we need to be more aware and conscious of how we present the situation; so the youth and anyone can have more to do with it, to build it up and be proud of it, not tear it down. It’s those basic principles of building one another up giving me the pride and heart to do what I do.

Ways of thinking literally ride in a circle. You can be young and 100% correct & old and 100% wrong.