Nike Sb Shane O’neill

If you follow me outside of the blog you may of noticed I posted some sample sneakers to Nike Sb. They are designed by me with my skateboarding knowledge and affinity for the shoegame with Shane O’neil in mind. Shane has a smooth flowy style with crazy maneuvers that stand out with the way he does his tricks. Crusing through in those Nike Sb kicks & Primitive boards

20 years on the tee: Tiger Woods

Although Woods career has seen better days there isn’t much discrepancy Tiger Woods changed golf forever. From the intensity of play, level of the overall game and financial encouragement. It’s somewhat a wonder where golf would be without him. Although he doesn’t keep up these days he’s healing up getting healthier and as he says ‘Its 90% mental’. Back to this 1996 interview from a just turning pro Woods he gave a glimpse of what was to come or possibly what might not of happened