Holiday presents: Sonic Cd

For Christmas this year I got myself Sonic(The Hedgehog) Cd. Sonic Cd really surprised me although I already love sonic games since getting one with my Sega Genesis in 1992. The game played seamlessly smooth and to the needs of Sonic, not the title. 

There is a ‘past’ & ‘future’ element to the game that allows you to progress within the real time of the level by gaining a bit from the past and a bit from the future. The games a lil rocket😎 Overall 9/10 I had a big load of fun and have so far beaten half the game with Sonic❄👐

If you like action, adventure, comedy and standard puzzles -along with some dancing; Sonic Cd is a great game for you. I checked it out on the Amazon App store

How to Make Vans Footwear with Steve Van Doren and Christian Hosoi | 50th Anniversary | VANS

If I’m correct from some shoes coming out of a garage to tons of skews and colors Vans shoes have the homemade handmade feel while now and some years later being mass produced. They have the ability to skate well while holding up and seeing their manufacturing process is eye opening in a few words. Brand identity is important and people buy vans for the same fun loving nature and closely regarded product standards over 40 years