130World clothing & Lk130 present: Right white rice


From the musical menu of 130world clothing styles and Lk130 taste the compilation Ep ‘Right white rice’ was formed in 2016 from a medley of singles, album cuts and experimental recording. 10 tracks featured titled as 1.Right white rice 2.Questioning(produced by Lk130) 3.Whole life(produced by allrounda) 4.Exxperience donuts(produced by J.dilla) 5.Hockey(produced by Skateboard P) 6.Respect me(produced by KNX beats) 7.Roll my blunt 8.My circle is a 10 9.Remember beats freestyle 10.Coolest story
Good for everybody, about enhancing yourself awareness and purpose
Version 2 Soundcloud credits by Artem
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