130 interviews Jayisnotonline

130 interviews Jayisnotonline, music + a few extras. I initially found Jayisnotonline in 2015 through a backup account on instagram where he liked a photo of my Zapata Del Barco Vans, I went to the page and being the giving type checked out some photos, noticed the music & gave it a follow I presume. All great decisions on my part, within my smaller sized music rotation his releases were able to come through and I probably played it atleast twice(2x is alot for a song I don’t like) ffwd – any guy who can make a lyrical/soothing track about Tiger Woods deserves his credit in my book

Without further adieu here is the Jayisnotonline interview in playable video format with music to segway questions

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The Fresh project

A fresh project.


A collection of fairly unedited studio sessions to give an intimate detailed unabashed musical experience. Lk130 ‘I really wanted the music to speak, so much were trying to give our music a voice, what about letting it talk’

Listen to Lk130 Fresh by lew130 #np on #SoundCloud