Preserving Beauty on Central Park West

Queen Anne Style Townhouse built in 1887➡️ see 30 pictures

Overlooking Central Park rests a Queen Anne Townhome it has 7 stories & 7 bedrooms an 1870 quartered oak tree griffin greeting the entrance, white oak shevles topped with a Putnam ladder – 19th century American Griffin oak-Library table

Queen Anne Style Oak-reproduction fireplace mantle, Parcada Versai floor antique Silver & bronze chandeliers 19th century antique Steinway piano handcarved spiral balistes, a skylight bathing sun across the view and pool in downstairs

Victorian kitchen featuring a single slab calacutta gold island, la cornea château oven

Italian coffer Ed plaster ceiling, 1880 Oak Queen Anne fireplace mantle

The entire 3rd floor bedroom is highlighted with 19th century French Victorian king-sized bed

Lovely griffins & tour. .

(Lewis for OpenHouse)

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