In Defense of Sony Pictures


CKY 3 (full movie)

Bam post this month. .

It’s phenomenal this came out 15 years ago, and it’s relevant with the kids now again. Cky3 with Bam Margera Brandon Dicamillo Ryan Dunn The Boys from Westchester, PA. You name it. .the chemistry is sonically perfect and the video is science, were all scientists, naturally the video blew up. Bam’s releasing limited editions of his past boards with Element all month stated by Element. Watching a video again bringing back those 9th grade memories. .

Scarface film(1985)little known details

The Scarface epic staring Alejandro Sosa & Tony Montana as well as a slew of other characters by Brian DePalma has some unique tidbits and interesting facts to the storyline or play. .

One of them a main one I want to bring up is along the lines of the cast. The “hitman” or silence in the background the silent but deadly looking individual was originally casted as and for O.J Simpson – never fruitioned and the process of it being panned out I couldn’t really find information for

 but since getting some details about it I could only wonder what else would have in the storyline associated to it(or if It would of been as big of a hit) had it went through

The “hitman” was a Terminator or robot and only went with the most simplistic of instruction and reason, noticing Tony taking a blast to falling in the pool he believed his job was done.

 It got by fine as more details had already risen by the point. . I was literally -5 years old. To this day that’s that

Scarface Ending/ Analysis Explanation

Scarface, a movie about a political prisoner escaping Cuba from the harshness of Fidel Castro. The movie tells you what it is all the while along the lines of information monologues, personal dialogue and posted signs.

Tony Montana escapes to Miami Florida to hope and make it in American society after coming in from a refugee camp and landing a gig as a dishwasher. Soon throwing the towel in metaphorically on the typical way of life, he takes up a mission handed down for some local transport and the rest is history

If your a fan of the movie or a Thespian you’ll probably enjoy the video clip below of some well done Analysis of a classic American film👍🙏