YouTube ads

Youtube a popular video sharing platform introduced user available ad revenue streaming in late 2015(to my knowledge) although content such as Vevo already had pre sorted advertisements. With the ads featured in a video the user has been offered some value from the video with payment through ad plays(like radio or tv) while at first these ads were short an un-imbibing they have totally gotten out of hand! YouTube was the source of escape from common showing, tv and your local standard radio stations, only to now with newer videos 75% of them atleast have some type of ad content presented on them

Although it doesn’t totally bother me, I find myself only wanting to see a video or two before I do something ‘real’ now because it’s drastically lowered the content in the videos by moving the direction of the messages. Sure everyone would like to see video potential and content creation pay back out to them but its not initially and ultimately what it was created for. The videos are a platform form outside opportunities whether they be sponsorships or personal advertising opportunity to create more express and have a platform, not take what ever comes at you. For my opinion I don’t like it, there has to be greater resources.👎✌

However it has stepped up personal YouTube accounts so in some ways it has been beneficial to get uploads from your favorite channels as a subscriber they query feedback and create more pertaining videos. Two way street for the YouTubing 

Jehovah Witnesses knocked On The Wrong Door – IUIC

When we take religion, more specifically the bible wrong. . a low form has been reached. God made a handful of people to populate the earth all being brethren and sistren. In this video some Jehovah’s witnesses are called out on their false teaching and disguises and run away! In broad daylight plainly to see. Its the worst when someone gets scorned and overdoes it with being committed to information with no backing, an unoriginal foundation and devoid of value