How Nestle Makes Billions Bottling Free Water | Direct From With Dena Takruri – AJ+

Bottled water is very close to a crime, it’s about bette resources not profit. Nestle ganged up on the rural towns water system and ecologically it’s not nearly as sound as it was displayed.

They should be fined along with disbanded, bring the actual jobs in and reverse the damage


Transforming Our ‘Everyday-Coding’ Into The Master Code!

Transforming our everyday coding into The Master Code for outcomes we desire to come our way isn’t as complicated as we become programmed to think.

Changing old useless code and writing meaningful/valuable code has everything to do with mindset and attitude. First we must pay attention to our everyday lives, how we react to the external world: people, relationships, nuisances, traffic, obstacles, drama, comedy, energy levels; then our internal world: our demeanour, our reactions, our attention zone, our own breathing and so on.

Take note of possible domino effects that have a knack of changing attitudes early in the day, these can easily be triggered by ominous world news, bad weather or a shower breakdown. Everything is mirrored by what we think, and thoughts reflect our self images of our ‘selves’ that continually transform from moment to moment.

These images of ourselves aren’t always images of truth. The immense psychological spectrum of emotions we experience aren’t always the cold hard facts. Sometimes our self images are fantastical of grandeur and sometimes of ‘false’ self worthlessness. Wherever we get these self images, we need to self analyse and self-govern almost every moment of our days and nights to somehow stay truely positive and positively true for all our pursuits. Visualizing desirable outcomes has a knack of becoming self-fulfilling prophecies, so it does pay to be extra mindful of what we wish for – or visualize for.

The conscious practice of this DOES become easier with conscious practice, and our new ‘daily-coding’ is in the shaping of every instant of every waking/dreaming hour.

Lucid Being


What I really would like to stress is how in a neighborhood or neighbourhood and any community, the groups therein stake atleast half of what the place is and community is, if voting can’t coincide with what the living is there is no reason for the development. People live there in the real way that there is ease of travel, comfort of community and good communication; you add 1000people in and suddenly that’s all gone and they are mainly sedentary knowing nothing of the places format. People leave is a direct truth, but the future is not a stark view from the past