With a moniker of ‘Perfect Timing’ 130 has exclusively branded releases for top tier clients starting in its local state of Georgia all the way through retro sneakerheads, skate/bmx, underground to premier music and environmental activism. The final destination of the brand is for artists rooted in the community, One sure to turn heads 

We at 130 have set ourselves with the moniker of #perfecttiming 09-15 and now #artistrootedinthecommunity because art is based on the community. From our foundations in ATL rolling out a new style and trend for the masses to now just designing from Georgia we never stopped putting artist on or reflecting the environment and the community. It would be perfect if you sported these with a look


The first 130world was published in 2009 and has furthermore spanned a collection of era’s in time. The principal of 130world is targeted towards the exposure of collections, hot topics and valued culture information from the perspective of an accomplished curator. Our slogan is ‘perfect timing’. We want to have what you’re interested in when you need it most from lifestyle goods to a network of artists rooted in the community, 130world is as dynamic as the changing world we live in. We understand ‘the community effect’ and believe the world we live in is linked to our style, morals, beliefs and purpose. With the environment being the cornerstone in all that we do
Work contact:liononethirty@gmail.com

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