My Review: The Super Mario Bros The Movie

Illumination & Nintendo releases the 2nd official Super Mario Bros movie of all-time and here is my opinionated review after seeing the movie

  1. Color- The vibrancy you can expect from a Mario video game shines through with the lights embedded in these bright airy colorful tones encapsulating the Super Mario world as the characters travel amongst the Mario underworld? The views and graphical nature were gorgeously stunning in it’s glory.
  2. Sound- Music significance in the Nintendo games contains great harmony and melody while keeping a close match to story, here in the film sound effect doesn’t over do it but is noticeable enough to give the type of energy it would really have if you traveled there while also experiencing the visual detail of human characters
  3. Realness- You experience Bowser, Peach, Toad, Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Dk’s dad, Wizard Turtle, Winged Turtle and these other characters sprinkled in as well. You’ll see how it is. Also the Plumber Family the bro’s come from. .Perhaps their last name is Mario or it is close to that

Watching the film it has a perfect resonance in the way it opens very simply they are in ‘Brooklyn’ their apartment, then getting to enjoy a dinner of pasta and various family homemade dishes and see eachother in a closeness. Mario actually plays a Nintendo then gets transported to the game world. The Mushroom kingdom accompanied by Princess Peach, Luigi, Toad, Donkey Kong. I really enjoyed how they actually have fun instead of deepening the premise of the movie even further with unnecessary plots to do what ever – You get to hear the characters speak, have meaningful enjoyable conversation, the ways to do things, be or maybe even try a little. Toad and the crew is hilarious, you can just see why these characters have been in the game before

I laughed, Jack Black was singing playing the piano as Bowser. The attack isn’t the point and its why I always liked Mario as a series, its the personalities of the characters and why they are around each other. I’ve also learned something about giving good effort even if it looks like you could be struggling, you could have fun and be back without saying you failed yet again.

The build is steady and very entertaining at each new peak. Feels like the joy of if you could/were playing the game. Without being a long movie I like being able to enjoy how each character is. Mario gets power-up’s while battling after learning about them, of course Luigi can keep him from losing though.

Interesting I would give this movie a 10/10, my reason is for the film to be all around enjoyment; the way the play is great, makes these qualities better & better while sticking to a story of realness, something of substance, joy, replay factor largeness. A view of the younger demo yes but specifically for all ages, personable family fun. The team is here in better ways than one now, something you would have to experience across all the games. Illumination and Nintendo thanks for a great movie -Lewis


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