All About The Washington’s(A Webseries)

All About The Washington’s a show featuring Rev Run with his not actual real life children, but TV children has a premier on Netflix with his wife Justine – Where it gets tricky in the show is he wants to retire & is wanting to retire and his wife keeps coming up with non-stop inventions and these big bright idea’s they have to get to work on.

He’s holding down his house but all the fam wants to do is shake it up.

What happens in the show?

The show got a moderate rating having launched directly onto the screen, the series is in need of WEB pilot episodes to test the essence and character of the show.

Despite the ratings I think Rev-Run did a nice job pulling a cast together with Anthony Anderson’s children, and keeping up the flavor for it to take off in the first place, props to Netflix with a pick up – new content is always nice.

Demo the show, maybe write a little more or evaluate the character dynamic – I would love this to come to Tv


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