Diggy-It Is What It Is

Diggy’s open letter to hip-hop It Is What It Is serenades the audience with soulful melody, layered with violin and a live chorus melanated backed from such an array he’ll have you thinking he’s a pastor.

Diggy, the 4th child of Rev Run (Joseph) Simmons is bringing out I believe his 3rd album in the music scene and laying the cards out there for those who ever peeped slacking or lack of better words; more lyrical wordplay, juxtaposition and creativity. The filming and scenes organized for the video go from back in the Mississippi countryside (for example) the church, around some simpler times of a father just trying to take care of his little girl, and the stark differences between the younger & older generation from the selfie to the tambourine.

Diggy says he’s making the track to be glad, what are you mad for, if you want to appreciate it do it big. As an array of Black in America & Afrocentric peoples if we start doing something we can actually do it, the key is to identify it and start, it’s nothing wrong with knowing your strengths and if we know our strengths we’ll be in a different place

Congrats to Diggy with the video it is well put together with a solid message and worthy cinematography with pieces anyone can pull from, you don’t have to look all around for everything because as Run Dmc put it “That’s why I bought’ emIt Is What It Is (9 more pics & official video below)

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