Olay Whip: The Unicorn Of Moisturizers

With summer in full swing it’s definitely time to enjoy the great outdoors, don’t you think? Whether you are headed to the beach or a weekend getaway, protecting your skin in the sun is SO crucial these days. Living in Southern California I tend to spend a lot of my days outdoors in which I opt for moisturizers that can not only provide hydration but also SPF to protect me against the harmful rays. Enter in the Olay Whip Luminous with SPF 25. It is a lightweight, whipped moisturizer that doubles as a makeup primer which I LOVE! It instantly absorbs into the skin and contains a unique formula that absorbs oil throughout the day. To be honest, when I put this on in the morning I never find myself shiny or anything unlike some other moisturizers.

Olay Whip comes in 3 different choices – Regenerist, Total Effects and Luminous which is the one I love and am using below. All three are formulated to provide powerful results minus the sticky and tacky feeling that you sometimes get with moisturizers, especially those containing SPF. It has the unique Active Rush Technology which holds and quickly released 1000x its weight in hydration and active ingredients. For a girl like me who is extra dry I LOVE that it leaves my skin feeling incredibly hydrated and on top of it I get a smooth matte finish that looks and feels natural. That’s something you really never get from a moisturizer and this one contains SPF 25 — even better!

Funny thing — I actually LOVE using this moisturizer on mornings when I am headed to the gym because I always want hydration, but the worst thing is because I know I am going to sweat, I don’t want something that is going to make me feel icky and heavy. This one just does it all. Plus, if you prefer getting your workouts in outdoors, you have that SPF coverage, so you don’t even have to worry.

On days when I have to head out, the moisturizer acts as a primer so my makeup glides on flawless. You can apply your makeup right after without waiting for it all to settle in which is key for me since I’m always on the run.

Head to Walgreens here to check out the full collection of Olay Whip and see which is right for you!

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