Still Storch – MY OPINION

Still Storch a documentary based on Scott Storch (music producer & being) reflects Scott Storch in his way of production, finding melodys, vibing the piano and creating sound. Scott Storch has made some of the many 2000’s hits from Nelly Furtado, Fat Joe, Ruff Ryders, Beyonce, the list really goes on.

What I’m notably visibly seeing in here is how you can have so much and it mean so little if your mentality is not right and you don’t appreciate the things as they are given to you. He’s spoken about how he’s made people money / millions and they did not call him up (as if they should to check and see if he’s OK) he visibly dropped out of the running after some time of being a top of the top level of producer by partying in heavy excess in Miami, in 2015 he filed for bankruptcy and was at a low point for his life – he seems to be back and want to come back as of now.

The doc really flows with him and shows some of his process and I love how he really put the life perspective, working with the environment around you and actually being the music, something I’ve readily focused on since the beginning of my career as you’ll see in this video

Towards where he’s going now doing revival pieces and hoping for the best, genuinely knowing the studio is the place and the taste of talent is the sweetest. I’m a fan and always have been, it’s cool seeing a solid piece of art come out for a solid person.

Here are some of his production credits:

Christina Aguilera–Can’t Hold Us Down ft Lil Kim

Dr Dre- Still D.R.E

Beyonce–Baby Boy

FAT Joe–Lean Back ft. Remy Ma

Mario–Let Me Love You

Ja Rule- Clap Back

Fat Joe ft Lil Wayne–Make It Rain

Brooke Hogan ft Paul Wall- About Us

He’s bouncing back it seems and it really took guts explaining what’s been going on

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