A Masterful Living Escape

A spectacular beach house with over 8,000 sq ft set high ontop of a dune with a larger than expected views & comfort


qt mile stainless steel drive winds through the dunes to reach the location, very private.

Clad and copper and exotic woods including douglas fir and Brazillion Epa the home is as much art as it is architecture, surrounded by 5,000 ft of deck with an outdoor full kitchen, a resistance pool, multiple seating areas and a meandering staircase to the beach – this house takes full advantage of it’s amazing location.


Michigans clean water prestine white sand beaches and beautiful sunsets, the house is divided into 3 different living pods, each house has its own kitchen, fireplace, multiple bedrooms and decking. The views are hard to get tired of, probably why each room in the house takes advantage of it through it’s multiple windows.


entering the main house you are immideatly drawn in by the amazing floor to ceiling windows and the generous proportions of the main living area, the gorgeous views from inside can be with or without blinds for those warmer times. At night time you can curl up at the gorgeous fireplace made of Wisconsin limestone or gaze up at the 50 million year old fossil mural, a perfect entertaining room for all occasions.

The main house has 4 floors including a basement with a 750 bottle wine grotto, a full spa and a tunnel leading to the “North Pod” for an ‘”exit”. A beautiful floating black walnut staircase leads upstairs to the living areas, a master bedroom & master bath with rooftop deck, that encompasses 360 degree views.


excellent moment to appreciate the quiet, no flight paths, no busy roads, just the lapping of the waves and the sound of the birds in the trees, not only a most spectacular house in Michigan but in the world.

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