Lucas Puig pro for Palace Skateboards

Lucas Puig a skateboarder from Tolouse, France has re entered the pro ranks since May of 2017 when his former board sponsor Cliché skateboards went under due to lifestyle changes. Puig rode for the Cliche brand for more than 10 years, The Parisian skateboarder and Adidas team rider can now be located within the Palace Skateboards media clips and video footage for further video parts and endeavors.

Lucas Puig also rode for Lakai footwear at some time filming a video part for their Highly Anticipated and critically accalimed Fully  Flared (2008) his other video parts include Transworld Spotlight & Freedom Fries/ Bon’ Appetit by Cliche

Pick up his board or take a look at the collection if you are interested. 

Lucas has also started a hat company called Hélas

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