Scarface film(1985)little known details

The Scarface epic staring Alejandro Sosa & Tony Montana as well as a slew of other characters by Brian DePalma has some unique tidbits and interesting facts to the storyline or play. .

One of them a main one I want to bring up is along the lines of the cast. The “hitman” or silence in the background the silent but deadly looking individual was originally casted as and for O.J Simpson – never fruitioned and the process of it being panned out I couldn’t really find information for

 but since getting some details about it I could only wonder what else would have in the storyline associated to it(or if It would of been as big of a hit) had it went through

The “hitman” was a Terminator or robot and only went with the most simplistic of instruction and reason, noticing Tony taking a blast to falling in the pool he believed his job was done.

 It got by fine as more details had already risen by the point. . I was literally -5 years old. To this day that’s that


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