Florida Goliath Grouper initiative

Friends! We desperately need YOUR HELP to SAVE THE GOLIATH GROUPERS.

The justification put forward by @floridafwc (FWC) to kill 400 endangered goliath groupers to study their stomach contents and determine what they eat is as absurd as the justifications made by Japanese whalers claiming they must kill thousands of whales under the guise of research. 
With the knowledge we have today these types of justifications are just simple inexcusable. When it comes to protecting highly threatened species that are just barely showing signs of recovery, we MUST draw a line and hold our management bodies to a higher standard. Here’s how you can help:
-If you’re in FLORIDA please attend one of the many public workshops throughout in August and October. The list of dates and locations can be found at: myfwc.com/fishing/saltwater/rulemaking/workshops/ -If you cannot attend an in-person meeting please submit comments through the FWC website (click the link in my bio to access directly), send FWC an email, and make a phone call.
💻 MyFWC.com/SaltwaterComments
📧 Marine@MyFWC.com
📞 850-487-0554 
Photo taken by @shawnheinrichs on @reddigitalcinema @backscattervideophoto@nauticamhousings @lmlightlife

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