Time does its healing & you do your thinking

Something I’ve learned or found recently is time or timing can be a really great proponent of change if you let it be. When I was 16 my goal was to be 18 and know what I wanted and acheive those things for myself and go on to have it succeed for me and be right about it. Well I didn’t know myself as much as I could control or what I would become. So I was not wrong, but it’s a catch so to speak, if you believe in universal power the universe and stars beaming a pathway(God) you know its more than exactly what you understand. I did something my thoughts didn’t reveal to me and more time later I have a strong appreciative impression for. Old sayings press out true if you work but don’t rush wait and don’t get complacent and love but don’t hold back. Once you learn some things you’ll see getting what you want at a particular time can be better not done until you are healthier, mentally ready, grown, with growth or deserve it. You just have to trust the timing

Light travels faster than sound, this is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak. 

God doesn’t necessarily call the qualified, he qualifies the called. 

There’s more quotes and I’ll add them in as they come to me, it’s very interesting the place you’ll be as you begin to recognize things and your dispostion, who you are how you really feel and your affect on the universe. The worst thing for you could actually be the best thing for you in disguise. Which brings me to, you could be your own worst enemy or least knowledgeable about your progress after all. 

I call them like I see them

We are all learning & growing everything grows, and the inside along with your mind has growth of limitless potential. I would be wrong if I said here is the stopping point or drop off point because the hits just don’t stop, you are expanding – I am expanding. For better or for worse depending on your mind and the state of the relationship with yourself. Love is a great power but it shouldn’t be used as a weapon only at risk to you but as a method of life. Through your deservedness you can see all. Age or distance isn’t a setback but a fact for you, you won’t be at a loss because of where you or located or how old you are but how you treat yourself and what you value. If you value things more than yourself no age will be good to you, if you don’t learn care for where you are, the places you go won’t be special. 

Now at the oldest I’ve ever been (ironically today is the oldest you’ve ever been) I’m in the same time the youngest I’ve ever been because my appreciation has grown and so has my value. 


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