Skateboarding in the media

​Skateboarding in the media recently. Fashion week really tipped it off, resident idiot Steve Aoki: “Skaters are models & models are skaters”

‘The halfpipe is the runway’

Here’s where I thought a current skateboarder Ben Nordberg almost went pro

The other Ralph Lauren

For interest sake. .none of it gets really paid back to skateboarding because they don’t skate, for the better half of the last 2 years the mainstream has exemplified skateboarding to its relationship with the world on several fronts. They got so stupid with it they had an entire ‘Skate fashion show’ on a brand that launched for what looked like DJ equipment.

 Why I’m making a post? To show there’s a difference between honor & biting, a total rip-off and glorification 

Anyone with knowledge of skateboarding could tell you he’s skating the wrong way here⬆

Its not it looks bad, its skateboarding and any culture for that matter is an active community with real participants that have upcoming events, promotions, aspirations and happenings, and when you ‘borrow’ or take there thing and make it your thing, it doesn’t help them it can actually lower the value by superceeding the cause.

On the other hand girls skating is Rad!


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