Kwanzaa day 4: Ujamaa

To build our own businesses, control the economics of our own community and share in all its work and wealth

“the creation of wealth is a good thing and something we shall have to increase.” But it concludes that “it will cease to be good the moment wealth ceases to serve (humans) and begins to be served by (humans)”


In fact, throughout the sacred teachings of ancient Egypt in particular and Africa in general, the ethic of care and responsibility is expressed in the concept of shared social wealth and service to the most disadvantaged. This of course, finds its modern philosophical expression in our social thought and struggles, as a people, around and for social justice. And this struggle is not simply to be generous to the poor and vulnerable but ultimately to end their poverty and vulnerability, so that they too can live a decent, undeprived and meaningful life. For only in such a context will they be able to pursue the truly human without the limitation imposed by poverty, deprivation or the debilitating struggle for just life’s basic necessities. To share we lath and work, then, is to share concern, care and responsibility for a new, more human and fulfilling future.

What is Ujamaa saying?

To spend your best time and resources in your community so those experiences can again be shared, your good nature will reflect in your community and the collective responsibility of businesses and people will align to more fulfill the persons and those living & working within. Those gestures and decisions together make the work and economics of the people, the family, the household, and wealth bringing. A community should have say in business being done in its location, and work back towards the people for brighter days

Practice Ujamaa daily 🙂


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