Huf and peanuts

In the fall of 2015 the peanuts gang or Charlie Brown came out with a feature film based on the 70’s classic, the peanuts are a unique and creative cartoon group of friends that revolve around the lives of Snoopy the dog, Charlie Brown, his friends and also Linus and Lucy. What’s more interesting is since the 70’s the show has been brought back to numerous generations including the one that started it. .(apparently people love this show!)😁 Earlier this year they did a kids collection with Stussy followed by some items for adults, apparently their licencing is well endowed these days. Now they have done a healthy size collection for Huf goods. Here I snapped some photos to create an in-depth summary of a Huf peanuts collection 


Snoopy’s cousin Spike

Pigpen(a kid always dirty)

The crew

Snoopy’s famous look ontop of his dog house

Spikes famous look out west

Snoopy probably skates

Recorded from the Huf website October 23, 2016

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