Mohan Elephant finally set free

After many many months of dedication signatures and petition updates combined with uneasy waiting Mohan the elephant finally is being set free.

On behalf of Mohan and from all of us at Wildlife SOS, thank you!
PS: We will be posting photos regularly of Mohan’s journey home as well as his adjustment to a life of freedom and peace on our Facebook page,

Success! Thank you so much for signing this petition and being Mohan’s voice. You came together with people from all over the world to free this elephant, and today, your dedication and determination paid off; Mohan is on the Wildlife SOS Animal Ambulance (pictured above) will live the rest of his life as a free elephant. 

The unluckiest elephant in the world? Not Mohan. Not anymore. But this isn’t just a win for Mohan—it’s a victory for elephants around the world. Mohan can now be seen as a model of hope for them, and a reminder that as long as we work together, we can Save India’s Elephants

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