Good time in Vans

When I got started skateboarding some of the first clips I could ever find anywhere in the early 00’s online were of Geoff Rowley. It was Rowley riding to an old school song like Queen pushing the limits of turning and maneuvers I’d ever seen all along with something totally unique about his shoes. . Going into the dedication years of riding my board and loving to skate,

My current sponsor at the times shop was looking for a shoe to anchor in the brand to our presence in the scene and complete a look. With many creative and streetwear choices we began partnering with a guy Kevin at Vans to get us the best Vans in downtown Atlanta with complete variety, as we’d be the only ones carrying them. 

It was a real trip getting those beginning boxes in and picking colors/styles to wear personally. My good friend/bro at the time was going to be riding them testing them along with me in the session, stoked is an understatement. 

My feel for the shoes was at its height. A few years previous on a trip to California I had to get a pair from an outlet mall just to feel what it seemed like they looked like when I saw some guys sessioning out in Visalia rolling around in them.

Years later the story still holds tough and although I have to appreciate design, I love a history.

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