No Monsanto-Bayer merger not in the least


Help stop Monsanto’s mega-merger

Want to know how horrible Monsanto really is? Ask a farmer.

Monsanto has sued hundreds of farmers for simply saving seeds from year to year, the way they have for millennia. Organic farmers are increasingly helpless to prevent contamination of their crops by Monsanto’s GMOs.

And Monsanto has put so much financial pressure on farmers in India that it’s resulted in a horrifying increase in the suicides.

The proposed Monsanto-Bayer megamerger will put farmers at an even bigger disadvantage against the Monsanto monopoly.

That’s why we’re raising money to fly as many farmers from around the world to join us in protesting the merger and calling on Bayer’s CEO to pull out of the deal.

We’ve been fighting to stop the Monsanto-Bayer megamerger for months — and finally, we’ve had a major breakthrough: Bayer’s CEO has agreed to meet with people who oppose the deal — and that includes SumOfUs.

He knows that our campaign is having an impact on shareholders and could threaten the entire deal. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have agreed to meet with us at all.

But to really drive the message home and put pressure on Bayer to pull out, we want to bring the people who will be most affected by the deal with us: farmers from Latin America and India, who have seen the impact of Monsanto’s monopolistic ways first-hand.

Combined with campaigners in Europe who are fighting against glyphosate — the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup — we’ll have a team he can’t ignore.

Will you chip in so we can get everyone together to help convince Bayer’s CEO to pull out of the deal?


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