Take Action: Stop Fast-tracking Oil & Gas Pipelines to Avoid Public Scrutiny


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Stop circumventing environmental reviews!

We have a key opportunity to end a trick that has been used for years to fast-track approvals of dangerous oil and gas pipelines without public input or environmental review. Take action now!


For years, the Army Corps of Engineers has been abusing a provision of the Clean Water Act in order to fast-track the approval of dozens of oil and gas pipelines throughout the country without adequate environmental review or public input.

The law requires environmental review for proposed oil and gas pipelines in order to protect our communities and our waterways; however, the Corps has been circumventing this requirement by treating massive fossil fuel pipelines as thousands of individual projects — each too small to require a review on its own. For example, the Corps approved the 485-mile Gulf Coast Pipeline (the southern half of Keystone XL) in Oklahoma and Texas by treating the thousands of water crossings as 2,227 “single and complete projects” that each qualified separately under its Nationwide Permit 12. That’s why there was no environmental review or opportunity for public involvement before the pipeline was given a rubber-stamp approval.

The Corps is now considering reissuing this permit, and continuing this outrageous tactic to help Big Oil build more pipelines. Take action right now to tell the Army Corps of Engineers to stop shutting out the public, and stop circumventing environmental reviews for oil and gas pipelines!


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