Summer essentials


Summer always has those vibes, here are some essentials we believe can keep those vibes going for a memorable and radical summer.
1.Classic classic tee, it’s available on our first webstore on a range of styles of your choosing and is also included in our first drop release this month as added design
2.Hemp seed lotion, self care taking care of your skin with enough vitamins as well as enough vitamins and green food for the body is vital for your health as well as overall enjoyment
3.Bernie2016, we know Bernie Sanders is the right and true nominee and we plan on keeping the push going to expose clinton for her violations on national security where she will be criminally charged for her lying and deceitful actions right in front of Americans
4. Eco over ego, everything on the planet has the right to a safe valuable and good home, make it easier by choosing eco over evo
5.Golfdigest, relax read and have fun with a golf mag
6. St Lucia matter, when you need those vibes give the choir guy from Africa a try with as much mashup potential as it is indie and synth
7.Lakai Griffin, good shoes without baggage comfort style durability and a classy look
8. Hatmemes Nobody2016, we thought it was funny and plenty of others definitely will too
9.Ziggy Marley Zm, more of those summer vibes this time with a broad message some hawaiian reggae root rock, thoughtful but rocks hard with extra production and backup guitar
10. Nba Jam by Ea mobile, teamwork and gameplay, jam the ball in and lead your team to victorious wins. It just may inspire you enough to start training for the upcoming season✌


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