Ridiculous! Despite record bee die-offs this year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is bowing to industry pressure to put a known bee-killing pesticide back on the market.


In the wake of our major Earthjustice court victory last fall, the Environmental Protection Agency is once again bowing to industry pressure and proposing to bring the toxic bee-killing pesticide sulfoxaflor back to market.

We need your help to fight back! Please make a gift today, and your tax-deductible gift will be matched 2-to-1 by our Board of Trustees. This means that every $1 you give today will become $3 to help us take on critical battles like this, and win!

In response to our victory last year, a court admonished the EPA for relying on bogus science and pressed the agency to obtain valid studies of sulfoxaflor’s effect on bees. Since that ruling—which took this toxic pesticide off the market—the EPA has not received additional data, nor has it taken adequate measures to resolve problems that the court identified from existing studies.

Yet last week the EPA proposed bringing back the bee-killing pesticide!

This winter we saw a record 44 percent loss in beehives. We’re at a point of crisis—we can’t sit back as the EPA continues to bow to industry pressure.

Help us fight back! Today, your tax-deductible gift will go three times as far to help us take on critical battles like this, and win.

Pesticides are causing bee mortality, yet our government continues to approve toxic bee-killing pesticides for widespread use. And sulfoxaflor, a neonicotinoid pesticide, is one of the worst. Trace amounts can kill bees outright, and in amounts that may not kill immediately, it impairs bees’ ability to breed, forage, fight disease and survive the winter.

Earthjustice is fighting back for beekeepers and for the millions of Americans like YOU who want action now to save bees.

But we must act now. And to do so, we need you by our side.

Thank you for any help you can give


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