Orangutan update initiative Alessio Barivieara

Indonesia’s announced moratorium on palm oil and mining expansion, which touches down in the Leuser Ecosystem, is a hugely positive step forward in the fight for rainforests and forest species, the customary rights and livelihoods of local communities, and the climate.

The moratorium also highlights how much work still needs to be done to uphold customary rights and to protect critical habitats, intact forests and the climate from the threats posed by global demand for cheap commodities.

If implemented successfully, this effort could halt the destruction of forests and peatlands inside the Leuser Ecosystem, reduce Indonesia’s carbon footprint and the severity of the annual haze crisis, and secure the lives and livelihoods of countless communities.

The Leuser Ecosystem is an irreplaceable, valuable natural asset and it is clear that the only thing that can save it is strong, decisive action by the Indonesian and Aceh governments. The global community stands with local communities to request that the moratorium is enforced and extended to cover existing palm oil permits and all destructive activities. Source | @rainforestactionnetwork
Sign on using the link below to support the moratorium and stand with communities working to halt the bulldozers, and create real change for the priceless Leuser Ecosystem and the people of Aceh.



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