Clinton & GMO’s

Ask Hillary why she supports GMOs and RoundUp.
Here is an actual quote from Hillary Clinton: “I know GMOs are safe.”
Anyone who “knows” GMOs are safe has NO business holding any public office, and certainly not the Presidency. ( Many GMOs are laced with Glyphosate, a poison according to both Monsanto and the federal government ) .

Glyphosate is even in some BABY food and Hillary is against labels that let us know that. Just ask her to come out FOR such labeling.

Whatever else Hillary may or may not be, the one thing she has been consistent about for many years is her unwavering support of Monsanto’s agenda of spreading poisons all around the world. While the mock battles between republicans and democrats rage on, Monsanto and other companies continue to slip POISONS into our food and water, often with the collusion of the government agencies that are supposed to be protecting us.

If you have any doubt about just how fervent of a Monsanto supporter Hillary really is, just ask her to take a stand on RoundUp ( which also kills honeybees ) and see what she says. Ask her for a policy statement on GMOs and her deceptive promotion of them to poor farmers in Africa.

Protect yourself NOW from the GMO/glyphosate complex:

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