Top 10 primitive skateboard designs

Primitive has a retro feel to their graphics, I like the style of it as far as boards go. .new punchlines ya feel?


It’s got a great depth to it, strong lines and a bold and beautiful graphic


Fun as a skateboard can get, very very left field thats the innate essence to skateboard


Unexpected, international style


Passionate and unform, also thoughtful


Not only is the girl inspiring but the graphic is wonderfully done


Surprisingly fits with the message of Primitive with a perfect photo, shows the duality and genius of Tupac and the heart in being your best


All natural and simple


Really funny. Growing up I would ride by Krystal with my mom for breakfast egg and cheese bisquits, it was a highlight of my rides to private school, although Krystal isn’t Carl’s jr. .its really the same thing.


Very 90’s, anyone with the Nba jam experience knows it’s solidified with the existence of being human, ball is life
(Boards held by P.rod)


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