Comedians in cars

Grasping the plyablity of a show is something always on the learning curve for viewership, either you grasp the learning curve or tune out. .simply
Comedians in cars is something to real life effect it is raw and unaplogetic, bursting with personality off something the regular or average person would consider ‘a dumb idea’.


When your talented, smart, inquisitive, funny, witty or really pretty something gives, this show finds it breaks it down analyzes it uncovering the twisted or the goodness.


  I’m 27 and resident seinfeld fan but more than that I really took interest how he reinvented himself bridging some signature with creator, getting in there to really do the work and make it fun. It’s something we all want but don’t get, it’s something you can get but probably don’t want. .it’s two comedians in a car getting some coffe



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