Nikesb dunk low resurgence

Taking a beating to your feet? Right now im giving my dunk lows a 7.5 from 10. Jb smoove is going all off about skaters with nikesb and the project they’ve got going on and shoe protection landing tricks and rolling away. Why hurt your feet? Thats a good point.. I haven’t skated my dunks but now im planning to because what else can I do with them mainly.


The shoe is saying land the trick! Pop up hold the board and land me!(something like that)


Yeah simple seeming all products that look nice should sell and be mega received. .nikesb should hold their end up with some durability though the Jb part is kinda entertaining. After putting some ripping to these i’ll know what they want to do


Tested them and seriously legit, not complaining and for good measure they actually feel like several pair of Emericas and emerica reynolds2.. The profile design has a few key hit areas to line out it was definitely intended for skating(like the tongue, heel padding and full profile toe panel..also the precise angle of the arch shape)

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