The Real Scam: Tai Lopez On How You’ve Been Lied T

To reference this matter I have had some thoughts swirling and wanted to infer its importance(health/self starting) in regards to a general depiction of relationships now-a-days and freedom with sense of self. Mini distractions such as soda and loaded burgers coming from fast food or this processed unreal food, combined with tidbits of unimportant relationships tv commercials and ‘free’ tv shows are in the same category of unnecessary unhealthy relationships. You will see that it is possible to get rich or be rich and pass that value onto others to also be wealthy as well, with their important relationships intact. Quality food, organic, non gmo and well cooked is the fabric of any relationship. You can almost tell exactly where you are in life with relationships by the quality of your food, cook time and meal preparation.
Tv correlates to well-being, the more tv the worse you feel..coincidence? The escape you feel is nothing, not a thing or a complete experience, relationship or means of keeping you going. As it relates to Tai Lopez i’d have to agree I would rather have 1million want to be self starters with health on the brain and value earners than Mcdonald/taco bell tv watchers fixated on what people date. In order to kick it up a notch, nitpicking, shaming or finding whatevers easiest to be concerned about has to go


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