Why did Ms.Piggy and Kermit the Frog breakup

They gave many looks, shared alot of beautiful memories made loads of others laugh and loved with their lives.
So why did Ms.Piggy and Kermit the Frog breakup?


They as centerpiece characters of The Muppet show at the time really and truly seemed to be comfortable and almost satisfied with just a relationship whether it be courtship or dating, never pushed the bar beyond the actual confines or logistics of their said relationship; So obviously it seems it was built to end or sink as you can’t date forever it removes the act. .
Becoming a ‘thing’ obviously wasn’t easy with their constant attention from press they both issued their own statements conflicting from eachother, Kermits more suddle and Ms.Piggy alot more en vogue, from the times of all that taking it’s toll(until now) we will find out how it goes from the premier on Sept22
Supposedly professionally they can work together without the burden of any spousal support or children and messy family involved, then they can interact with other people? Not sure about that one but it’s amends.
Kermit is 50, Ms.Piggy is 41
The moral to this is all relationships have a destination, and supposedly this one was planned for a breakup since 1991,25 years ago. .from the time Muppets© creator Jim Henson died unexpectedly.


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