Catalogue update

With anticipation, im going to update the story to the site for the catalogue of clothing goods and style of the brand, 130world is supposed to be about perfect timing so hopefully that falls right in line with the mission statement. Lately I’ve been getting the content more progressive as well as working on my producing of music via the studio.    
The effect is less blog-posts but the content stream is rather heavy for the holiday season, as well as the input put back into the blog platform as it’s spread over Ig and twitter, my contacts have greatly increased with the opportunity to create different things to interest the fans. The motto is continued along with the logo insignia and slogan(just so you know) also my youtube:130world is another frequent platform.
What a great time in the summer eh? Plenty of good times and alot more growth from not having to doing the same continual motions i’ll tell you that, so much better really.


Recently we did some snapback hats in the spring and now soon sports jackets will be produced for the fall season. Artist that rock with me thanks alot as well as if you are a good supporter💯👍


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