Ludaversal Album review

Time to review this dam album! I kept hearing about it over and over again and the too honest publicity about it from Ludacris made it known to me it would be real, it took awhile for it to sink in just how worth it that it would be. .but now I’ll tell you.
1.Ludaversal intro
This let’s you know what waiting for an album means, how the production in a label can absolutely destro tracks, and if your any fan of Ludacris music. .the way this is a completely brand new project like Album number 1. This stands out to me because it’s about skill as well as the way of a top quality product
2.Grass is always greener
Something with a shifted tempo from number 1, makes sense is thankful and different from anything else out there
3.Call ya bluff
This is a single, it’s hitting from Atlanta and the awesomeness of it is being about everyones ‘new normal’ saying something to someone else or from the text and won’t repeat it that way ever again
4. Lyrical healing
Continues call ya bluff on the soul side Luda is made from, funky. .this track will keep coming up
5.Beast mode
Another single, the beat is futuristic and the name speaks for itself
6.Viagra skit
Classic Ludacris, his skits are the best.. Try not to get too high to this
7.Get lit
A smash, crazy beat. Partying/drinking record
8.Come and see me interlude
Soul, another come up
9. Come and see me(single)
Pop my truck and universoul circus liable to come out that mf’ Very outkast early 2000s
10.Good lovin
A nice love song featuring John legend, I heard Kanye west somewhere. .its a graduation type song
11.Ocean skies
Song about Ludas father, this is great its like a Punk rock song, smash
12.Not long
Collaboration with Usher, something great you would get back in like ’10
13.Charge it to the rap game
For me this speaks for itself, I feel it had to be included on here’s an album so not each song is a fun song or single
14.This has been my world
Something classic(just blaze production)
Up’s and downs of money. .beat goes in, problems and swag
Mix of charge it to the rap game and money
17.In my life
Grown man music, good riding music
18.Burning bridges
The last track, something you would hear on a white radio station as is. His last name is Bridges, burning bridges is a euphemism for people crossing others without thinking of the ramifications of their actions, and for his case the ramifications of crossing him Chris Bridges.

Album stat:8.8/10
Hard production you can’t ignore, worthy lyrics with composition that make it a full album



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