Brutality/brutalsnation interview


Recently I just discovered an unique artist and dug his music, he goes by the name of Brutal and has a nice style for himself as well as production and music choice. .I was drawn with the sense he could go higher up or all the way in music and shows signs now of bubbling/buzzing the radar, a larger confirmation for him is that I can actually feel his music and tell he’s


and he enjoys it as he feels it too in the levels it processes, without further adieu here is the 130w interview: with Brutal


L: What’s up? Where does the name brutal come from, does it relay a message to your lyrics

BRUTAL: The reason why i call myself brutality is because i kill beats when ever i produce beats and i kill lyrics when ever I’m writing a song using metaphors and punch lines.

L: How do you feel you add to music

BRUTAL: I feel that i add authenticity to the rap game because now days its a lot of rappers trying be something that there really not so its best to be your self.

L: What is the inspiration behind your song ‘Look at my life now’

BRUTAL: The inspiration for that song represents reality of my now and where i see myselfe in the next 5 to 10 years with my music and actually having a song that everyone can relate to.

L: What is the game truly missing right now

BRUTAL: The industry is missing an artist that can actually create revenue through album sales independently with out a record label giving an artists guidance. when ever you find a artist like that thats when the game is gone change even more.


L: Musically is the song space more empty or full right now

BRUTAL: i feel that right now the music industry is a open market for any artist that has the money to create a career in this industry.

L: If you got an automatic shot at a feature right now who would it be with?

BRUTAL: If i could collaborate with any major artist i collaborate with Kendrick Lamar i feel that he is a great artist that is not afraid to be his self and speak the truth.

Thank you Brutal for the interview, I look forward to checking out some more of your music while I’m fine tuning my catalogue.’Look at my life now’ is really good much props on that


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